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At Camp Edventure we believe camp is fun! That is why we offer children the best opportunities for academic, athletic and social growth in a traditional day camp setting. Together we can make the most of your child’s summer, by offering him or her educational experiences designed to reinforce skills needed in the upcoming academic year.

Each Camp Edventure location offers an individualized program specific to community needs. There is a world of exploration, learning and fun at Camp Edventure! Look for these Edventures in your community.

Intramurals are an important part of the Camp Edventure community. Families and children celebrate with food, arts, sports and more!

Social Edventures increase children’s self-confidence and ability to work with others. Carnivals, sock hops, Luaus, pet shows and more! Each program allows children to showcase their talents and learn from the pros.

Nutrition Edventures strive to create healthy eating habit.  At Camp Edventure, breakfast, lunch and 2 snacks per day are available.  Trained chefs prepare nourishing meals, served family style.  Family members are welcome to share a lunch with their child.

Water Edventures promote personal fitness. During the summertime, children practice water skills and may enroll in additional swim lessons at select program locations. At no extra cost children that are ready for the water, swim in Camp Edventure operated private pools or community pools. To ensure safety and security, community pools are for Camp Edventure use only. Children of all ages participate in outdoor water play.

Special Edventures increase children’s eagerness to try new things and practice developmental skills. Athletics, arts and special interest camps are available. Early registration is highly recommended.

Prepare to get your hands dirty! Children learn how plants grow and practice gardening skills. Healthy, fresh vegetables become a part of each program menu or they may be given our families for enjoyment.

Outdoor Edventures help young people develop life skills in an outdoor setting. Each program offers children shaded playgrounds with opportunities to climb, swing, slide, ride and build their own adventures. Playing fields and sport courts are provided to school aged children.

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